This 72-Year-Old SilverSneakers Member Just Rode Her Bike 3,200 Miles!

By SilverSneakers Fitness |

Syd Bowersox proves that age is just a number.

Need some inspiration to take the first step toward an active life—or take on a fitness goal that seems impossible? Meet 72-year-old Syd Bowersox.

Syd, a retired school teacher and grandmother from Somerset, Pennsylvania, has been a SilverSneakers member since 2013. In March, she embarked on a 3,200-mile, coast-to-coast bike ride across the southern tier of the United States. The epic ride, organized by WomanTours, started in San Diego and ended in St. Augustine, Florida, 58 days later.

She was inspired to join the ride when she found herself with extra time after retirement. “It’s very easy to waste time,” she said at the beginning of her trip. “I want to be around for my grandchildren. I’d like to live longer—I love life.”

As Bowersox pedaled toward the St. Augustine beach on May 4, she was beaming. “I didn’t think I could do it,” she admitted. “I am proud of myself.”

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We gave Bowersox a GoPro camera and asked her to record her thoughts during her journey. Watch her inspiring story in the video above.

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