Recovering From a Stroke

After two strokes at just 51, Bob started fighting. Then he started having fun. Were you with us long enough for the fun to arrive?

Larry's Story

I am 72 years of age. I had a significant stroke five years ago and, thankfully, have recovered from it. I asked my doctor if I could go back to the gym and he said a resounding "yes" but cautioned me that I am no longer 30 years old and to be careful with my routine. I took his advice. I mostly do a cardio program and rotating between the upper body and legs/hips and calves. I use modest amounts of weights for a person my age and do 3 sets of each item to the point that I get my heart rate up to about 105 for about 15 to 20 minutes during my 40 minute workout. After a cool down period (walking around the track fro a 1/2 mile or so) I love hitting the steam room and whirlpool when I am done. Thanks to SilverSneakers I belong to 5 different gyms here in the Cleveland area and rotate among all of them during the course of a month - what fun and the people you meet. Thanks again for everything SilverSneakers does for me and my wife.

— Larry


Did you know? A recumbent bike gives you joint-friendly, comfortable cardio at your own speed. Let’s try again, we want you back!

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