Regaining Your Independence

The 1-Minute Fitness Test That Will Help You Stay Independent

By Lou Schuler |

The strength of your grip, relative to your body size, is a powerful predictor of your future health. The last... Read More

The single best thing you can do to stay independent as you age: regular exercise of any kind, starting now.

Freedom Through Fitness

I believe that participating in a regular exercise program is vital to my mind and body as I age. I feel as mentally and physically fit as I was 20+ years ago and I credit my exercise program, as well as my heredity of course, for these blessings. My motivation is that I want to live out my life able to be independent and do the things I want to do. It has been easy to stay motivated because of the excellent classes offered. Her workouts offer an always new and varied series of exercises designed to promote strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness, geared to the individual's capability.

— Dianne

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