The Single Best Investment You Can Make Today

By Brittany Risher |

Keep reading. You’re about to win the lottery.

Fitness is a lot like money: The more you invest in taking care of yourself, the more you benefit for years to come.

But while we bankroll our IRAs or our grandkids’ college funds, we rarely consider ourselves an investment, says fitness expert David Jack. On the contrary, many people view fitness as an expense and think, “I have to pay to take care of myself? The gym costs how much? One yoga class costs what?”

And that’s the mindset that keeps many people unfit.

“As long as you continue to look at yourself as an expense—not seeing the miracle you are and how unbelievably valuable you are, thinking you’re not worth it—you are limiting your capacity to affect the world,” Jack says. “Fitness provides the capacity to do the extraordinary things you want to do, whether that’s hike with your grandchildren or go on a mission trip.”

Investing in yourself—by investing in the gym, a trainer, wholesome foods, or simply making time for a walk—not only comes with myriad health perks, but it also prepares you for the unexpected challenges life throws your way.

“You may fall, injure yourself, stop going to the gym, and then age 20 years in three months,” Jack says. “When your energy and strength are low and your health markers are down, you have very little capacity to deal with a bump in the road.”

If you invest now and make some form of movement part of your everyday life, you’ll be better able to bounce back if a trip, a fall, a cold, the flu, or even an infection that requires a hospital stay comes along. “You need to be able to pull from a ‘bank account’ that has something in it during those times,” Jack says.

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So remember: You are worth it, and the extraordinary things you want to do deserve an investment.

“So many people are living a life, but there’s no life in their living,” Jack says. “You have power over that. Show up and take advantage of life.”

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