Journey To 30 Challenge: Boost Your Strength and Endurance

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Crank up your energy with a fun, new 15-minute SilverSneakers LIVE class. Plus, 1 combo exercise that pulls double-duty.

Journey to 30 Challenge Boost Your Strength and Endurance

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’ve put together the Journey to 30 Challenge! It’s four weeks of summer-fun activities to help you stay active, connect with the SilverSneakers community, and have a total blast doing it.This is Activity No. 3. Find the full step-by-step guide here. And download the game board PDF here. 

Journey to 30 Challenge Board Game PDF

The best workouts deliver more than one benefit. That’s why so many SilverSneakers classes and routines include cardio exercises to challenge your aerobic system and resistance exercises to build strength throughout your entire body. Balance challenges and flexibility moves are often sprinkled in for the complete package.

Get and stay fit with SilverSneakers! Choose from dozens of different Community classes, visit a participating fitness location, or view the current schedule of SilverSneakers LIVE online classes.

The Journey To 30 Challenge Activity No. 3

Today’s activity is split between SilverSneakers members and non-members. Eligible members get access to SilverSneakers LIVE online classes, On-Demand videos, and thousands of fitness locations and classes.

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As always, safety is key. If you have a chronic condition, an injury, or balance issues, talk to your doctor about how you can exercise safely.

For SilverSneakers Members: Take a SilverSneakers LIVE Special Edition: 30th Anniversary Cardio & Strength (Express) class.

Get a 15-minute sneak peek of our 30th Anniversary Celebration master class. Explore strength and line dancing segments to prepare for our special event on Friday, September 16. Handheld weights are optional.

You have two opportunities to take the class today — at 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. ET — and again at different times throughout the next few weeks. View the schedule and RSVP here.  

For Non-Members: Do 30 Standing Knee Drivers

This single exercise pulls double duty: It shores up the core muscles that support your spine and builds explosive strength in your legs and glutes. The knee lifts and pumping arms add a cardio element to the move.

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  1. Stand tall with your feet about hip-width apart and your arms bend at about a 90-degree angle at your sides.  
  2. Shift your weight onto your right foot and hinge at the hips to bring your upper body forward slightly.  
  3. Keeping your chest up, step back with your left foot to tap your toes on the floor behind you.  
  4. Then drive your left knee forward in front of you.  
  5. Continue bringing your left foot back and then driving your left knee forward.  
  6. Once you’re comfortable, pump your arms back and forth at the same time.  
  7. Do 15 times.
  8. Switch sides and repeat on your right side 15 times.  

Make it easier: Hold on to a counter or sturdy chair for extra support. Or swap the knee drive for a forward toe tap.  

Add the Standing Knee Driver to a complete workout by trying this Low-Impact HIIT Workout That’s Good for Achy Joints.

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