Do It Anyway: A Powerlifter’s Advice for Getting Moving

By Justine Page |

Joan Miller describes herself as cautious, but you’d never guess that as you look at more than two dozen trophies she’s won for powerlifting.

Joan, 74, is one of our SilverSneakers AmbassadorsTM from Brandon, Florida. SilverSneakers Ambassadors participate in SilverSneakers classes or visit participating locations on a regular basis. They are active in their local communities and are passionate about talking to others about how SilverSneakers can improve health and wellbeing.

Joan started going to her local YMCA at age 60 when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. When she retired, she was able to devote more time to working out, as well as the other programs available. She was in an art class when her close friend, Kelly, mentioned she was going to participate in the Senior Games.

“We all teased her a bit, but then she said, ‘What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll keep someone else from being last.’ How’s that for a good attitude?” Joan asks. “Well that sent me looking at the list of the many sports included in the Florida Senior Games … Don’t have my golf clubs anymore. No sprinting since high school. What is pickleball? Can’t ride a two-wheeler. Hey, wait, I am strong! Powerlifting!”

So, in 2014, Joan took the leap and began training for the Senior Games with the help of her daughter and a trainer who got her started. Joan credits SilverSneakers® with providing her the opportunity to compete in the Senior Games and make new friends and improve her own health.

Joan works hard to achieve her goals and advises people “even though it is scary to go outside your comfort zone, especially as you age, do it anyway. That’s so important.”

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