Getting Coffee with SilverSneakers: Debbie

By the Editors of SilverSneakers |

Real members. Real conversation. Join Debbie and her friends as they talk about what happens when you start saying yes.

Debbie is a SilverSneakers member in Chandler, AZ, who found herself stuck in a cycle of work, home, dinner, sleep and repeat. There were few opportunities to make friends or meet new people. One day she received an email from SilverSneakers and decided to take a leap and attend her first event at a local fitness center. There she met her close companions, Sharon and Pat, along with 70 other new friends. Since then, she’s attended 61 events with her classmates and meets friends for happy hours, a cup of coffee and other fun gatherings.

SilverSneakers classes brought them together and now they’ve built a community of friends who they can depend on and look to for support.

Here are some memorable quotes from their conversation:


“It was my daughter who kept telling me ‘You need to start saying yes.’ So, I said ‘Yes,’ and she was right.”

“I was so nervous about going, but I just felt drawn.”

“I think SilverSneakers is a very important part of how we became friends.”

“I wasn’t meeting anybody; I didn’t have the opportunity. [SilverSneakers] made a big difference, a big difference in my life.”

“There’s about 70 people that we’ve met through SilverSneakers. We have at least 17 really good friends that you could call when you need someone.”

“I was thinking about how different my life is because of SilverSneakers.”


“It’s hard when people retire, you do become isolated.”

“SilverSneakers gave us an opportunity and a way to meet people.”

“I often think about [how] we all had D’s. Either dead or divorced. That was a common bond that we all had and that’s why we’re here.”

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“I always keep my notebook with all the events that we do and last year we did 61!”

“SilverSneakers, I think, found ways that they can help us create friendships that are going to give us places to go, and talk about our feelings, and people we can relate to that are still at the same place in life as we are. I think that’s really helped.”

Stay tuned for more Getting Coffee with SilverSneakers episodes to hear real SilverSneakers members discuss the things that matter most to them.

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