Managing Your Diabetes

The 8 Rules of Eating Clean

By Anisha Jhaveri |

Your guide to feeding your body the nutrients it needs to feel your best—no deprivation necessary. You’ve probably heard the... Read More

Stepping it Up

I took up going to the gym as part of my management of my Diabetes Type 2. After doing exercises with the wide array of equipment and walking a minimum of 10,000 steps my blood glucose and hypertension numbers became manageable.

— Joseph F.

You know how important exercise is. Did you know walking after a meal lowers your postmeal glucose levels? Happy trails!

You’re Not Alone. Join Us!

Everyone with Type 2 Diabetes knows that healthy eating and exercise is mandatory. But too often, mandatory is no fun. Talk to your doctor, then come back to Silver Sneakers, where we put a premium on getting fit, sure — but also being a place you want to be, with people a lot like you. Find a location near you to get back to the gym, even one day a week, maybe two.

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