The Balance Training Workout for Active Exercisers

By Micaela Young |

When you’re on the move, you want to feel steady on your feet. These balance training exercises will help you do just that.

Balance is essential for moving with ease and feeling confident on your feet, during workouts as well as everyday activities. That’s why everyone—no matter your fitness level—can benefit from exercises designed to build or maintain stability.

The goal of balance training is to improve your reaction time and teach yourself to recover quickly should you trip, slip, or lose your center of gravity, says SilverSneakers LIVE instructor Andi Kwapien.

With that in mind, this follow-along workout includes a variety of movements that may make you feel a little shaky at times—but that’s a good thing! “Feeling off-balance and finding the strength to recover is what will keep you stronger on your feet,” Andi says.

How the Balance Workout for Active Exercisers Works

All you need is some open floor space and a sturdy chair. While these moves are meant to challenge your sense of balance, it’s important to feel safe. Feel free to set up near a wall for added support and use the chair as much as you need.

You’ll start with the most basic version of each exercise, and then gradually add elements to make it more difficult. For example, Andi may suggest turning your head to the left or right while holding a position, or she may try to catch you off balance with an unexpected hold.

This is called reaction training, and it helps you make necessary adjustments to recover your balance while you’re in motion. “I don’t want you to know it’s coming,” Andi says. “I don’t want you to expect it.”

If these progressions are too challenging, stick with the basic movements for now. These exercises are meant to help you improve your balance gradually. “That’s the magic—it’s doing the work over time,” Andi says.

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As always, safety is key. The exercises here may be different or more advanced than those you’ll experience in a SilverSneakers class. If you have a chronic condition, an injury, or balance issues, talk to your doctor about how you can exercise safely.

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