7-Day Move Better, Feel Better Challenge: 5-Minute Energizing Stretch Break

By the Editors of SilverSneakers |

Whenever you're feeling groggy, down, or unmotivated, use this quick breather to reset and get back on track.

Here at SilverSneakers, we believe that aches and pains don’t have to be a given as we age. That’s why we created the 7-Day Move Better, Feel Better Challenge. Discover simple things you can do every day to soothe stiff joints, loosen tight muscles, and enjoy the activities you love for years to come.  

Rest isn’t something you have to earn. It’s necessary for a whole, happy, and healthy you.  

When you take time to unwind, it can lower stress and tension—and leave you feeling more focused and energized. That could mean prioritizing quality sleep, dialing down your workout intensity when you’re feeling wiped, participating in hobbies you love, or pausing to practice mindfulness.    

Another of our favorite stress-busters here at SilverSneakers is stretching. “Stretching is a chance to slow down, stay in tune with how your body is feeling, and get your blood circulating—without necessarily breaking into a sweat,” says SilverSneakers LIVE instructor Shannon Thigpen. “I especially love, love, love yoga.” 

Here, Shannon runs you through her favorite stretches to help lower stress and give you a jolt of energy when you need it most.  

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How to Use This 5-Minute Energizing Stretch Break 

You really just need some open floor space to follow along. Stand next to a wall or sturdy chair for support if you need. 

When you’re ready, press play on the video above. Shannon will start by having you take some slow, deep breaths to get in touch with your body. Then she’ll guide you through some feel-good stretches, including wrist and ankle circles, a modified Warrior Pose, and shoulder rolls. As you move, remember to stand tall, keep your knees soft, and continue to breathe deeply.  

You can do these gentle stretches as often as you like. Bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you’re craving some “you” time.  

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