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Circle Breath Breathing Technique & Exercises for Seniors

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Welcome to SilverSneakers’ exclusive online on-demand class, where we present an enriching and transformative practice tailored for elderly seniors and older adults. In this invigorating video, we explore the art of Circle Breath, a unique breathing technique and exercise form that promotes anchoring, connectedness, and deeper breathing. Through subtle resistance and a push/pull circular pattern, you will experience the profound benefits of moving with intention and embracing the power of the breath.

Circle Breath is a specialized form that delves into the practice of anchoring, fostering a deep sense of connectedness with the body and its movements. In this class, we focus on the lower body’s sinking and rising motions, creating a foundation of stability and grounding. The upper body then engages in a push/pull circular pattern, allowing for an enhanced range of motion and the cultivation of strength.

With the recommended equipment of a chair for seated or standing support, this on-demand class offers versatility, accommodating varying fitness levels and physical abilities. Our experienced instructor will guide you through each exercise, providing clear instructions and gentle cues to ensure that you can participate and progress at your own pace.

The emphasis on deeper breathing encourages you to move with intention, synchronizing your breath with each movement. By embracing subtle resistance during the exercises, you will experience a heightened sense of body awareness, allowing you to tap into your body’s innate strength and potential.

At SilverSneakers, we are committed to supporting your journey to improved health and overall well-being. Our Circle Breath Breathing Technique & Exercises for Seniors class combines the wisdom of specialized techniques with an accessible and modern approach, ensuring that you can embrace the transformative benefits of this practice.

Whether you’re new to breathing exercises or have experience with mindful movement, this on-demand class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Join us in this invigorating video, and let the power of Circle Breath guide you toward a path of greater connectedness, strength, and inner harmony.

As you immerse yourself in the art of Circle Breath, you will discover the profound benefits of anchoring, sinking, and rising in the lower body. The push/pull circular pattern of the upper body will enhance your range of motion and foster a deeper connection with your breath.