The Chair and Ball Strength Circuit

By Hayley Townsend |

Tone and strengthen your lower body muscles with a soft play ball and a few simple moves.

This daily seated strength routine involves modified isometric exercises that challenge your body in a unique way. These exercises help you maintain tension and contraction to boost your lower body strength. All you need for this low-impact workout is a sturdy chair and soft fitness ball.

If you’ve attended a SilverSneakers class in-person or online, you likely know all about the benefits of fitness balls. They’re one of the most versatile exercise tools to have at home or use in a gym.

For this seated circuit, perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for as long as you need between the moves.

Seated Hamstring Curl

Take a seat in a sturdy chair and sit tall. Place the soft ball behind your right heel. Use your heel to press the ball to the chair leg then gently release. Repeat these small pulses for 30 seconds then take a short rest. Then, repeat 30 seconds of pulses with the soft ball behind your left heel.

Hip Adduction

Sit tall in your chair and place the ball between your upper thighs. Make sure to avoid pressure on the knee joints. Squeeze your thighs closer together around the ball, then gently release. Repeat the squeezing pulse for 30 seconds, then rest.

Gluteal Press

Stay seated in your chair and carefully put the ball on the ground in front of you. Then, place the heel of your right foot on top of the ball. Press your heel down to press the ball to the floor, then gently release. Repeat this pulse for 30 seconds. You should feel the contraction in your hamstrings and glutes. After a short rest, place your left heel on top of the ball and repeat the pulses for 30 seconds again.

The soft fitness ball is a small but mighty exercise tool. Grab your soft ball and perform these modified isometric moves every day to increase strength and endurance.

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