Take Charge of Your Health Care 7-Day Challenge

By the Editors of SilverSneakers |

There’s no time like the present to prioritize your health.

Take Charge of Your Health Care Challenge PDF Cover

Health advice isn’t static: What worked two years ago may no longer apply, thanks to evolving science and your own evolving needs.  

Consider this week your refresher course on the best ways to prioritize your health. Every day, check the SilverSneakers blog and our Facebook page for a new daily lesson. Don’t worry — you’re not being graded, and the topics are quick and easy to digest.   

Use this downloadable PDF guide to follow-along, take notes, and track your progress. We’ve also included a few fun quiz questions to test your knowledge after reading each lesson. (Hint: It’s an open-blog test.)  

Heres a look at the daily lessons:

Ready to get started? You’ll find Lesson One here.

Here’s to a smarter, healthier you!

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