SilverSneakers Community: 6 Reasons to Get Involved

By Micaela Young |

Work out with your favorite local SilverSneakers instructors online and make lasting connections while getting fit. Here’s why our Community is for you.

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For some, working out is simply something to be endured, a checkmark on a to-do list. They want to get in, get out, and move on with their day.  

There’s nothing wrong with that. (Any movement is better than none, right?)  

For others, though, workouts provide something deeper. The time spent in an exercise class serves as a connection to their community, their culture, and a network of caring friends.   

That’s what SilverSneakers Community is all about. We offer in-person and online classes led by specially trained instructors at local community centers, parks and more. And you can now find them online, too. This way you can participate from the comfort of your own home without missing a beat.   

These online Community classes are an offering you won’t want to miss out on. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are 6 real-life reasons to give SilverSneakers Community virtual classes a try.  

Get and stay active with SilverSneakers! Classes and events are happening right now at participating gyms, online through SilverSneakers LIVE, and at community centers near you. Activate your free online account to get started. 

1. You’ll Feel Supported

In every SilverSneakers class, you can expect to workout with specially trained instructors who know how to support you and your needs. But there’s something special about getting fit alongside your neighbors.   

“We all take time to support one another before and after the classes,” says Deana, a SilverSneakers instructor in Kenner, Louisiana. She teaches online community classes to folks in her local New Orleans area.   

These online Community classes tend to be smaller than our other nationwide virtual classes from SilverSneakers LIVE. And because Community classes are offered via Zoom, you have the chance to see, cheer on and visit with the other participants. (You can always turn your video off, too.)  

“Everyone gets to speak to the others and share milestones in their lives,” says Deana. “We all feel good after exercising, but we also feel good because of the social interactions. We have been able to get to know each other even more on Zoom!”  

2. There’s No Gym-Intimidation Factor

Do visions of men with half-ripped shirts, clanging weights, and excessive grunting turn you off from exercising? With SilverSneakers Community, you can avoid the gym altogether.   

Sure, you can find our in-person Community classes at local hotspots like rec centers, senior living centers and parks. But you’ll also find that same feel-good attitude when you join us online. “It’s a very welcoming, positive-minded group and no one is there to compete against one another,” says Deana. “Everyone can work at his or her own pace and all fitness levels are welcome.” 

Plus, we know that working out can be light-hearted, too. “Many participants want to devote time to being healthy—but have fun while they’re doing it.” 

3. Your Instructor Will Truly Get to Know You

When you join a SilverSneakers Community class, you’re not just another participant.   

“I get to know all the members and many of their family members,” says Deana. Every SilverSneakers instructor is different. But the smaller class sizes and the neighborhood atmosphere can allow your instructor to motivate you and help you in ways you may not get in another type of exercise class.   

Take Dolores, who has been taking SilverSneakers Community classes for a few years. Her favorite part? “The enthusiasm of the instructors. They’ve helped me a lot — I have more mobility in my arms now.”  

4. You’ll Have 60+ Classes to Choose From

You’ll be hard-pressed to find this wide of a variety of classes that fit your unique needs. Our expert SilverSneakers Community instructors offer over 60 different class formats you won’t find on SilverSneakers LIVE or when you join us at the gym.   

Simply plug in your zip code here to see what formats are available to you. To get the best experience, log in or activate your account at This way you can RSVP to classes and easily join in when it’s time (rather than having to join through Zoom).   

Of course, Community online instructors offer our tried-and-true staple workouts like SilverSneakers Classic. But you may also find a host of other fun options that are unique to your area.   

5. You’ll Do More Than Just Work Out

When was the last time you had a happy hour with your exercise group, or took the time to share your grandkid’s wedding photos,or exchanged recipes? 

Well, this kind of social time is a regular occurrence with many SilverSneakers Community groups. And we think it’s the best way to strike a whole-life balance.  

“We celebrate every member’s birthday,” says Deana. “They choose their playlist of songs and the color they want the group to wear.” Deana’s group also celebrates the holidays by incorporating holiday-themed songs and fitness moves into their choreography. “We also have many other themed events, including Disco, Dancing through the Decades and Broadway. We also do costume contests and incorporate props we make in craft classes I also host. There’s never a dull moment in our group!”  

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Dolores has a similar experience: “There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t celebrate a birthday, holiday or international event.”  

Not every SilverSneakers Community group will fill their schedule with the same number and type of extracurriculars as Deana’s or Dolores’ do. But having the chance to connect with others on topics beyond biceps curls and step combinations can be pretty powerful.   

6. You’ll Make Long-Lasting Friendships

One of the best parts about SilverSneakers Community is, well, the community. The same members tend to come back time and again, so you’ll get to know each other and form close, supportive bonds.  

“It always helps to have a ‘buddy system’ when working out,” says Deana. “We all look for our friends and check in on them when they’re not in class.”  

And these relationships can extend way beyond your time in class with us. “I’ve made friends with 50 other members — and some will be lifelong friendships,” says Dolores. “We all support one another and it’s such a positive, fun experience!”  

People come to SilverSneakers Community classes for so many different reasons. Maybe they want to work out with local instructors in the safe environment of their home. Or maybe it’s just more convenient to connect online.   

Either way, we know you’ll find something special. “We call ourselves a ‘Zoom family’ because we care about each other so much,” says Deana. “We are staying healthy—physically and mentally—and are having a lot of fun in the process!”  

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