Make an Impact

Millions of people 65 and up use SilverSneakers and more than 13 million people are eligible for the program. Many of them are looking for great fitness instructors who can help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Our group exercise classes have been designed by experts to help our members reach their fitness potential in a fun and challenging way at convenient locations.

Just like the members who take our classes, our instructors want flexibility and variety. That’s why we offer a wide variety of classes at thousands of gyms and other locations throughout the nation. And no matter what the participant’s athletic ability, nearly everyone can find a SilverSneakers class ideal for them.

So…Which classes do you want to teach? Where do you want to teach them?

Transform Lives and Improve Health with SilverSneakers

In the Gym:

BOOM classes are taught in gyms and are designed to be a bit more intense than the SilverSneakers signature classes. BOOM consists of MOVE IT, MUSCLE and MIND. These three classes will challenge participants but have also been designed specifically for the boomer generation. They can be modified depending on the athletic ability of participants.

In the Gym:

Our signature classes have been designed by fitness experts specifically for boomers and beyond. They are held at thousands of locations nationwide and include Classic, Circuit, CardioFit, Yoga, Splash and Stability. These are designed for nearly every level of fitness and can be made more or less challenging depending on the level of expertise the participant brings to class.

Beyond the Gym:

The SilverSneakers FLEX program holds classes at locations outside of traditional fitness centers. Locations are selected to provide easy access to members. Senior communities, community centers, parks and pools are some of the many locations featured.  So far, there are more than 70 approved FLEX classes including yoga, tai chi and boot camp.

Instructor Requirements

    In order to teach SilverSneakers or FLEX classes, you must …

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Maintain a current CPR certification
  • Hold a two- or four-year degree in health, exercise science, recreation or physical activity related field or maintain a nationally recognized certification (for example, ACE, AFAA, YMCA)
  • Attend a SilverSneakers instructor training workshop if you are looking to teach one of our signature or BOOM classes
  • FLEX classes also require a background check, liability insurance and online training

We Give You The Support You Need To Be Successful

  • Access to our Instructor Resource Center (IRC), a website dedicated for instructors where you can register for new class certifications and find out about new upcoming class workshops.
  • Marketing collateral to help build your class membership and your revenue!
  • Interaction with other instructors to share success stories, tips and ideas