Refreshing Your Routine

It’s normal to lose interest when you’ve hit the treadmill or weight machine one too many times. Working variety into fitness routine not only keeps things fresh, but also exercises different muscle groups that build strength, increase mobility and sustain your independence.

Find Your New Fitness Plan

Looking for quick results? Tell us a little about how you like to exercise and get an instant fitness plan designed around your interests and abilities. It’s fun, fast and free.

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Sometimes we need to change our workouts to keep it fun and fresh. Sometimes we just need to find our “why.”

Try Our Classes

Sometimes we get it a bit of a rut with our fitness routines. Check out the wide variety of classes SilverSneakers has to offer to shake it up and get you motivated again.

Years in the Making

I had been a workout buff since I was forty years old. I loved to work out but about three years ago, I lost interest. I got to where it was hard for me to even walk a long distance, then I just knew it was time to go back to the gym. I have and now all of my joints have loosened up and I’m walking great again. Thank God for the gym.

— Sylvia

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