Overcoming Depression

6 Ways to Feel Happier Instantly

By Cassie Shortsleeve |

Don’t wait for a bad mood to pass. Lift yourself up with these strategies. There are many ways to define... Read More

A lot of older adults — 20% — have depression. Sometimes we need a doctor. Sometimes we just need to find our “why.”

Finding Joy

I love SilverSneakers! I have become more energetic, and greatly decreased the feelings of depression that had plagued me. I am stronger from the weight training, and have improved my balance. My favorite part of SilverSneakers is taking classes. I love working out and dancing to the music with a group of friendly folks!

— Joelle

You’re Not Alone. Join Us!

There are two reasons to consider coming back to Silver Sneakers. First, any form of regular exercise boosts your mood. Second, connect with others, whether family, old friends, or brand new relationships. Find a Silver Sneakers location near you to get back to the gym, even one day a week, maybe two. You’ll be in good company, with people who share some of your challenges and hopes.

Is It Sadness or Depression?

By Locke Hughes |

Depression is more than sadness. It’s a health condition that can be treated—so you can start feeling better. Life isn’t... Read More

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