Rebuilding After Bereavement

Circle of Support

I go to the gym everyday. It gives me a purpose to get up & get going in the morning. Working out keeps me motivated. My husband died a year ago, it is what has kept me going. You make friends at the gym. Exercise has never hurt anyone, you can always work at your own pace. Good for your body, mind & soul. I enjoy cardio, machines & classes.

— Anonymous SilverSneakers Member

Sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other. Come back to Silver Sneakers and try it. It just might help.

Dee Ann's Story

I love my SilverSneakers class not only the exercise but the interaction with others. I started after the death of my husband. We had been married almost 50 years and this class really has helped kept (sic) me from falling into depression. I love SilverSneakers and it has me going to our rec. center and being part of an active group.

— Dee Ann

Find Your Community

There are two reasons to consider coming back to Silver Sneakers. First, regular exercise can lift your spirits, even for a little while. Second, it’s an easy way to connect with others. Find a Silver Sneakers location near you to get back to the gym, even one day a week, maybe two. You’ll be in good company, with people who share some of your challenges and want to support you.

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