Managing a Heart Condition

Protect Your Heart with This Exercise Plan

By Lou Schuler |

Your cardiovascular system is built to support physical activity, and rewards you for it with a longer, healthier life. Decades... Read More

Walking is a simple way to stay healthy. Can’t get outside? A treadmill is easy, safe, and as challenging (or not) as you want it to be.

Cardio Comeback

Since I started regularly doing SilverSneakers, my cardiologist (been seeing one for almost 40 years) has dismissed me! All my tests were so good that she said I should just see my general practitioner and to come back if I needed to.

— Gloria J.

SilverSneakers CardioFIt

When you’re ready, consider a heart-healthy aerobics class. This class is designed for people who are already fit, but it still uses low-impact movements. You’ll build upper-body strength, all-important core strength, plus cardio endurance. Remember to check with your doctor or cardiac rehabilitation instructor before starting any exercise program. A higher intensity class than Classic and Circuit.

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