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Get Strong Your Way: Week 4

Repeat your favorite strength workout of the week, or try one you haven’t done yet. It’s your choice!

By the Editors of SilverSneakers

Anytime you set out on a new fitness or weight loss goal, it’s important to make a commitment—but it’s just as important to allow some flexibility. You might discover there’s a workout you really love, so you want to try it again. Or maybe the last workout was a little too easy or too hard, so you want to find a better fit. Or perhaps you simply like to have options so you can choose your workout of the day based on your schedule and mood.

The SilverSneakers Million Pound Challenge takes all of this into account. For today’s strength workout, you can pick any of the ones below:

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Feel like a walk instead? Try the 45-Minute Brisk Walk on the treadmill or outside.

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