Countdown to 2022: 8 Great Ways to Build Healthy Habits for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

By the Editors of SilverSneakers |

From now until New Year’s Eve, we’re serving up an awesome assortment of fun and inspiring challenges to help you end this year on a healthy note. Join us!

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We don’t have to tell you that the holidays are right around the corner. (Seasonal earworms from Mariah Carey and Andy Williams have already tipped you off!) While we can’t do your shopping or cook your feasts, we can help you plan and prepare to keep your health and well-being on track as we inch toward Jan. 1. 

Here’s the deal: Starting today, we’re rolling out eight different wellness challenges. A new one will be introduced each week until we’re all singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Of course, you’re probably too busy to do them all, but our hope is that there are one or two in the mix that make you circle your calendars and say I can do this!  

Here’s a look at what’s coming:  

Nov. 8: Take Charge of Your Health Care  

In this one-week challenge, you’ll test your knowledge of key health advice and preventive care steps every older adult should know. You’ll also brush up on the red flags of serious health conditions, including heart disease and depression. Finally, you’ll see how easy (and important) it is to add more movement into your days.  

Nov. 15: 7 Easy Health Checks You Can Do Before Breakfast This Week 

It’s been said that mornings are the most productive time of the day. And we’re proving that by walking you through simple self-checks that you can do while your coffee brews. You’ll come away from this weeklong challenge with helpful snapshots of your current health and fitness levels that you can share with your health care providers. You may even catch a potential problem before it becomes serious.  

Nov. 29: 5 Ways to Keep Your Weight in Check During the Holidays 

No, we’re not going to hide the plate of holiday cookies. But we are going to share simple (and realistic!) waistline-friendly strategies that you can use throughout this season of eating — so you won’t feel the need to commit to a big weight-loss resolution come Jan. 1. We’ll also keep you moving with a variety of our best workouts and SilverSneakers class recommendations.  

Dec. 1: Daily  Exercises to Help You Move Better Through Life 

Every day this month, we’ll share one simple exercise that you can do right on the spot. Follow along as Jane Curth, an expert in senior fitness, demonstrates essential movements for healthy aging. We’ll also point you to SilverSneakers classes that can help you build your own functional exercise toolbox. The goal: Learn how easy it is to form a new fitness habit.  

Dec. 6: The 7-Day Move-Better, Feel-Better Challenge 

SilverSneakers LIVE instructor Shannon Thigpen leads you through seven fantastic ways to improve your mobility and flexibility. She’s sampling the best of our SilverSneakers Stability and Yoga classes. You’ll also learn some tricks to get more out of your stretching sessions and daily walks.   

Dec. 13: Get the Kinks Out 

Shoulders hurt? Bad knees? Achy back? Stiff neck? Learn simple new ways to bring your body the relief it needs while remaining active. Follow along as senior fitness expert Jane Curth demonstrates the best exercises to ease the most common body aches and complaints.  

Dec. 22: Our 10 Most Popular Workouts Ever! How Many Can You Do by Dec. 31? 

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Dec. 26: 6-Day Mindfulness Challenge 

It’s the home stretch of the Countdown to 2022 Challenge Series, and we’re winding down with simple ways to bring mindfulness into your daily routine. After all, living mindfully has some big-time health benefits — lower stress, improved sleep, clearer thinking, and a better outlook, to name a few.   

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