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The 25 best white elephant gifts under $15

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We’ve all been to parties where we had to supply white elephant gifts: from half-eaten food, to the incredible toy stick. But sometimes finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Some hosts set price parameters. Sometimes, you have to find something from home. And sometimes, you just have a hard time deciding what the crowd will… Read more »

Holiday shopping safety tips, plus a gift planner to save your sanity

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Let’s be honest, shopping during the holiday season can be a little crazy. So we’ve compiled some holiday shopping safety tips to help you keep your sanity, and even have a little fun this season. Plan out your gift giving The holidays should be a joyous time, but too often we put extra stress to… Read more »

6 personal fitness mistakes that are costing you money

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Personal fitness mistake

Personal fitness doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s easy to spend a lot if you aren’t smart with your money. Here are six common mistakes that could be emptying your pockets. Buying protein shakes at gym The average homemade shake costs about $2, while the average protein shake at the gym averages around $6…. Read more »

5 tricks to save on your gym membership

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Staying fit can come with a high price tag when you factor in gym memberships. But by knowing a few tips and tricks, joining a gym doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are five smart ways that savvy seniors can save money on a membership to their local gym or fitness center: Ask about… Read more »

Don’t buy gym clothes without reading this

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The latest fitness gear may take your workouts to the next level — but will it clean out your wallet, too? Learn which fitness fads are worth following and which are not worth the money. Once you’ve got that down, try our tips to get the best bang for your buck while outfitting your gym… Read more »