Boost Your Memory and Muscles with This Coordination Drill

By Hayley Townsend |

Challenge yourself! This sequence of strength moves will help boost your memory and muscles at the same time.

This fun series of coordination challenges will give your body and brain a boost! Andi will walk you through the moves, then you’ll repeat the entire sequence. Try your best to remember the order of moves for a little self-challenge. Most importantly, have fun with it!

As always, safety is key. If you have a chronic condition, an injury, or balance issues, talk to your doctor about how you can exercise safely.

Lower Body Challenge

Stand with your feet spread apart at a comfortable distance. Alternate lifting one knee up and then the other, 3 times for each knee. Then raise and lower only your right knee, 3 times in a row. After your third knee-lift: Plant your feet to the floor, push your hips back, gently bend your knees and sink down into a squat. Next, repeat the sequence with your left leg. Alternate knee lifts 3-5 times with each knee, then raise your left knee 3 times in a row. Then, perform the standard squat again.

Upper Body Challenge

Stand tall with your feet planted to the floor. Slowly lift your right elbow up, then your left and hold both elbows up. Then, move both elbows down and back up 2 times, finishing with your elbows raised. Next, lower your right elbow first, then your left. Then, move both elbows up and down 2 times and complete the exercise with your elbows lowered.

Next: Repeat this sequence with raising your left elbow first. Raise your left elbow up, then your right. Then, move both elbows down and back up 2 times. You should finish with both elbows raised. Next, lower your left elbow first, then your right. Finally, move both elbows up and down 2 times and complete the exercise with your elbows lowered and relaxed.

Full-Body Challenge Combo

Combine both lower body and upper body sequences for the ultimate challenge!

First, lift your right elbow and raise your right knee at the same time. Then, lower your right knee but keep your right elbow lifted. Next, lift your left elbow up and raise left knee. Lower your left knee down but keep your left elbow lifted. Then, raise your right knee and lower both elbows. As you lower your right knee, raise both elbows again. Next, lower both elbows down as you raise your left knee, then lift both elbows up as you release your left knee down. Repeat this alternating sequence 3-5 times. Then finish by lifting your right knee and lowering right elbow, then lifting your left knee and lowering left elbow.

Repeat the entire series again! As you move through the second round of coordination drills, try to remember the sequence of exercises to test your memory.

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Replay this coordination challenge every week to see how you improve. For a longer routine, try this 25-minute core and coordination workout.

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