6 personal fitness mistakes that are costing you money

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Personal fitness doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s easy to spend a lot if you aren’t smart with your money. Here are six common mistakes that could be emptying your pockets.


Buying protein shakes at gym

The average homemade shake costs about $2, while the average protein shake at the gym averages around $6. That’s a 200% increase. Do yourself a favor and wait until you get home to get that post-workout fix.


Driving to the gym when it’s within walking distance

If your gym is within walking distance, and it’s safe to do so, take a brisk walk to the gym instead. It will help you warm up for your workout, too.


Buying home fitness equipment

The novelty of your new treadmill can wear off quickly as most don’t associate the comfort of their homes with a tough workout. It’s also hard to cross-train unless you have several different types of equipment. Head to the gym instead for a full-body workout.


Paying too much for gym clothes

If having a few nicer pieces of workout clothes makes you feel good and keeps you motivated, go for it. But proceed with caution. Sometimes we buy clothes as incentive, but it’s easy to go overboard. Having enough for a week’s worth of workouts should be plenty.


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Paying for a boutique gym membership

One of the latest trends is paying quadruple the amount of a standard gym membership for a boutique gym that specializes in one type of exercise like cycling or performance training. Get more for your money at standard gyms, which can have upwards of 10 different class types in addition to fitness equipment, pools and health events.


Paying for classes when you get them for free

If you have a SilverSneakers® Fitness benefit, you have access to free classes at gyms within the network and community classes through SilverSneakers FLEX®. Check your eligibility to see if you have the benefit, and if you do, meet us at class!