4 Exercises to Get Your Rear into Gear

By the Editors of SilverSneakers |

Give your butt a boost! Strong glutes mean better movement and better control. Try these four exercises to get your rear into gear.

Ditch the floor exercises, you can do all these moves while standing. Feel free to grab a sturdy chair or use a counter top for support.

Leg Extension and Pulse

Standing tall, shift your weight to your right leg and step your left foot back behind you. Lean forward slightly and gently bend your right knee to help maintain your balance. Remember to keep your back straight and avoid arching. Next, lift your left toes from the ground a few inches and pulse. To pulse, you’ll raise your left foot a little higher, then bring it down but try not to touch your toes to the floor. Pulse 3 times, then rest your toes to the ground to regain your balance. Then pulse again. Do this 3-5 times with each leg.

Runner’s Lunge

Shift your weight to your right leg with knee bent gently. Hinge forward slightly from the hips and try to keep your back straight. Then, step your left foot back to touch your toes to the floor behind you. Then, step your toes forward again to tap at the center (beside your right foot). Swing your arms along with each step, as you would while running, to help you gain momentum and power. Repeat the toe tap 4 times. On the fourth tap, as you step your left foot back to center, straighten out your back and stand tall. Then, shift your weight to your left leg with left foot planted firmly to the floor. Repeat the toe tap 4 times with your right foot.

Hip Hinge

Stand with your feet apart at a comfortable distance and knees slightly bent. Hinge forward from your hips, keeping your spine long. With palms facing the floor, push your hands down until about knee level. Remember to keep your back straight as you bend forward and only do what feels comfortable. Pulse 3 times. For the pulse, you’ll push toward the floor, then come up very slightly, then push down again. These are small movements with big benefits. After 3 pulses, squeeze your glutes together and return to standing tall. Repeat this Hip Hinge move 2-3 times.


Start by standing tall with your feet spread apart at a comfortable distance. Shift your weight to the heels of your feet and bend your knees gently, as if to sit on a chair. This is standard squat. Now, to pulse in your squat, you’ll push yourself up very slightly, then sink down again. Pulse as little or as many times as you feel comfortable. As you return to standing, squeeze your glutes together and use your lower body strength to bring you up.

The pulsing variations in this routine work to target your muscles and build strength in a short amount of time and with very small movements. Add these to your regular exercise routine to strengthen your glutes and keep you mobile and independent.

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