3 secrets to exercise classes most people miss

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According to our 2015 member survey, 1 out of every 3 active SilverSneakers members prefers heading to exercise classes in addition to their standard gym workout. Why? It could be the versatility, the social aspect, or the fact the workout is provided for you. If you’re looking for more reasons to try it out, here are three secrets to group exercise classes that most people miss.

New to fitness? Classes are a great place to start

When you’re new to the gym, knowing how to use the equipment can be intimidating. Sound familiar? Then a class can be a welcoming place to make friends and receive clear directions from a certified instructor.

A fun workout can prevent overeating

We’ve all been there. After a tough workout, we look at a burger and fries and decide it’s well deserved. The trick is to reframe the way you think about exercise and pick workouts that don’t feel like work. In fact, people who think of exercise as a fun break instead of a workout eat less afterword, according to a study done by Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab.

Exercise classes help you build a steady routine

The consistency of a exercise class schedule, the accountability you receive from other members, and the variety of class types can help you stay involved in a long-term workout routine. “Variety is the key to keep exercise fun and engaging,” according to The American College of Sports Medicine.

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Remember, the next time your workout routine starts to grow tiresome, grab a friend and try a new class.


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